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Domestic and commercial Wastewater Treatment

We supply and install Domestic wastewater treatment systems and Commercial wastewater treatment systems for small to large scale application.

Cost Effective Septic Systems and Wastewater Treatment (Industrial, Commercial & Domestic)

Earthsafe Environmental P/L is the manufacturer and supplier of the EARTHSAFE ES10PC AWTS009 on-site waste water treatment system.
We are NOT part of the Earthsafe GROUP of companies. We also manufacture grey water treatment systems, Black/Grey Split Treatment systems and design / manufacture industrial, commercial and domestic septic systems.Head Office is based on the Central Coast along with the manufacturing. We have AGENTS that INSTALL and SERVICE most of NSW.

Our Wastewater Treatments Plants can be constructed in:

- Existing tanks
- Above ground tanks
- Below ground tanks
- Containerised System
- Mobile System

We can handle applications in difficult or environmentally sensitive areas, our Class A + water treatment accreditation enable us to meet and exceed the most stringent water treatment requirements.

Home treatment systems to date have relied on a period of settling to separate the effluent from the sludge. This process is sensitive to change and is easily unbalanced by such things as increased flow due to additional guests, accumulation of solids over time and the use of bleaches and other chemicals.

If you need a Domestic Wastewater Treatment System that out performs traditional systems or a Commercial Wastewater Treatment Solution, contact us now!

Excellent Customer Service

Earthsafe Environmental customer service never ends. From initial contact, trained consultants advise of the waste water treatment systems best suited to the area and the customers specific needs.